Our turtles are very friendly and love to stop for a chat when you visit us as Sanctuary Lakes Fauna Retreat in Hervey Bay

Covid-19 Updates – 31.05.2020


We are very excited to see restrictions being eased over the next few weeks and hope that you will soon be able to travel and holiday again.

We have missed you all.

We are now in stage 2 of the recovery process:


  • Unlimited travel and overnight stays for all of Queensland# (including for school holidays)
  • Dining in or seated drinks in restaurants, cafés, pubs, registered or licensed clubs, RSL Clubs, hotels and casinos (no gaming) – up to 20 patrons per room or per defined area (indoors or outdoors) for a venue (when following a COVID SAFE Industry Plan^)

Social distancing and hygiene requirements will still remain in place.  Please stay home if you are sick.  You can find more information HERE

Options for your current bookings:

1. We can keep your booking in our system and change it to a later date in the year (you don’t need to tell us exactly when yet).  If your booking was for 3 nights or more, we will add on an extra free night.

2. We will offer refunds with no admin fee to anyone needing to cancel their booking altogether.  We understand that you may not be able to set another date or be able to take holidays later.

*A little about us: To help you make this decision we thought we would share a little about our business.  We are a small family run business – just 2 of us that work full time here at the Lake. Rod looks after all the gardens and grounds and maintenance and Deb works in the office on admin and marketing.  We have a part time cleaner who is just waiting for us to get back to business so they can get back to work too.

Our villas are owned by individuals who entrust us to look after them on their behalf.  We have all been effected by the hit to the Tourism Industry and no doubt we will see more of the same over the coming months. We hope that things improve quickly and we will be open in time for whale season, but we just don’t know yet.  Although we can’t change how our business works, we can make sure that when our doors do open again you will have an amazing experience when you come back. Retaining your current booking and choosing to move it to another time will be the best support you can offer us!

Our plans over the next few months is this:

1. We will continue sharing photos of our crazy wildlife and beautiful property on Social Media so you can still see what to expect when you can visit. You can help us by commenting, engaging and sharing these posts to your friends to help life their spirits too. Click here for Sanctuary Lakes Fauna Retreat on Facebook & here for Instagram.

2. We are still accepting future bookings. We think its great to have a little bit of positivity to look forward to. Please note that if your booking falls into a time that requires shifting due to COVID-19 recommendations or implications, we will be happy to help.

3. We will continue to abide by government recommendations. At present, if you fall into one of the bookings we can accept, our self check in and check out processes will ensure a contactless visit. Our cleaning procedures will remain thorough – each departure clean and pre-clean is from floor to ceiling with extra emphasis on wherever hands or bodies touch! (AND we can still supply toilet paper!).

You can stay up to date with current government recommendations by clicking here: Covid-19 Updates

Over the next few months – please feel free to stay in touch with us.  We are committed to working hard to make sure you have the best holiday possible when you come to visit us again.

Rod and Deb

Sanctuary Lakes Fauna Retreat


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